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Understanding Common Indoor Heater Units

Heating UnitsTimothy Off is the trusted choice for repair, installation and maintenance services for heater units in West Chester, PA and the surrounding area. We’ve built our reputation on honest pricing, exceptional customer service and a desire to keep our neighbors comfortable all winter long. We know that heating system issues can turn into big problems quickly, so our team of trained service technicians are available 24 hours a day, including nights and weekends, to deliver fast and reliable heating system solutions.

All heating systems are designed to provide warm indoor air, but heater units differ depending on the needs of your space. Below are some of the most common types:

Central Heating

Central heating refers to the use of a heater unit located within one central space in a home or business. The warmth generated by the central heating unit is then transferred (usually blown through ducts) in order to heat the entire space.

Oil Heating

Many homes in West Chester, PA rely on heater units that utilize heating oil for warm indoor air. Heating oil is usually derived from a chemical substance created by liquefied petroleum. This fuel needs to be replenished on a regular basis to keep an oil-based heating system running.

Forced Air Heater Units

In units that utilize forced air heating, heat is generated using an energy source like gas or electricity. Air is then circulated through the unit, absorbing heat as it moves along. This warm air is blown to its destination using fans. Many times, systems that utilize forced air heating to recirculate the air via return ducts.

Gas Heating

In a system that uses gas heat, underground lines deliver combustible gas for controlled ignition. These systems incorporate valves to limit the flow of gas according to the unit’s specifications and to provide additional safety precautions. Gas heat is usually derived from burning propane or liquefied petroleum, but butane is also considered a source of gas heat.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating utilizes heat found below the Earth’s surface. This type of heating extracts warmth from underground and often uses a heat pump to carry the air to its destination. While this method is sustainable in terms of energy conversion and conservation, it can suffer from efficiency issues during cold winter months as these systems have a lower capacity for holding heat.

Hydronic Heating

Liquid can also be used to heat your home or business through the hydronic heating process. Typically, these systems move heated water through sealed pipes to radiators throughout the home in order to heat indoor air by thermal radiation. A hydronic heater unit sends warm water through pipes, but it can lose heat when traveling long distances without re-heating units, meaning individual heating units are typically reserved for heating individual rooms or floors.

Split System Heating

A split system heating unit (also known as a ductless system) works by combining an outdoor unit with an indoor unit, and the two are usually connected via a dedicated conduit line. Heat is generated using the pump of the outdoor unit, and then the warm air is transferred to and circulated by the indoor unit. These systems are more efficient than traditional heating units and can typically be programmed to create a specific temperature in individual rooms using one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units.

Heating Unit Maintenance

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