Gas Heating System Replacement, Repair & Maintenance

Timothy Off has served West Chester, Pennsylvania, and the neighboring communities in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery county for more than 20 years. We are home heating experts, and one of our specialties is gas heating system replacement services.

If your gas heating equipment is older and no longer cost efficient, we can help you choose a new system that is perfect for your home now and over the long term. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians are skilled and experienced and can provide the routine maintenance needed to keep your heating equipment running well, and if it ever falters or fails, we provide gas heating repair services as well. Contact us today for an estimate to get started!

Gas Heating System Replacement

Stay Warm with Efficient Gas Heating

Gas heating is a very cost-efficient way to warm your home. Gas heaters do come with a higher upfront cost than some electric heating systems, but they are more economical in the long term. Gas furnaces heat the home quickly and can last well over fifteen years with regular maintenance. Timothy Off can provide your heating system with the necessary service or perform a gas heating system replacement that will heat your home or business safely and efficiently.

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Types of Gas Heating Systems We Service

Our locally owned and operated HVAC company performs gas heating system replacement and services the full range of technologies that are used in this region. The most prevalent solution in our service areas is the forced-air furnace. In these setups, a gas furnace warms the air, and that warm air is then forced by a blower through ductwork and out into the living spaces via vents.

We also have experts who service hot water boilers and steam boilers. These systems warm water to varying degrees and then circulate that hot water or steam through piping until it reaches the areas that need to be heated.

Forced Air Furnace

Forced-air furnaces are the most common heating systems in American homes and among the most energy-efficient options available. These furnaces draw air in and warm it via a heat exchanger. A fan then forces that warmed air into ductwork and finally through vents and into the living areas.

Hot Water Boiler

A hot water boiler is a type of hydronic heating system in which water is heated. Once heated, the water is moved through piping to radiators, radiant flooring and so forth. Cooled water is then returned to the hot water boiler where it will once again be heated and transported.

Steam Boiler

A steam boiler is another type of hydronic heating system. It uses a higher temperature than a hot water boiler in order to condense the water into steam. The system then uses pressure to move that steam through piping to radiators and the like. When it cools, the condensation is returned to be heated.

Gas Heating ServicesGas Heating System Replacement Services

Gas heating is among the most energy-efficient ways to heat your home. Whether you need to replace an existing unit or want to convert to it, our heating experts are here to help. A project manager will work with you to determine which model is best for your home. We will consider factors such as size of the home, climate, insultation, furnace BTUs, installation footprint and much more. Once you have made your choices, we will carry out your gas heating system replacement with precision.

Do I Need a New Heater?

Well-maintained furnaces usually last 15 to 20 years. As a general rule, the 10-year mark is when you want to compare repair versus replacement costs carefully. The 15-year mark is the point at which you want to consider gas heating system replacement regardless. A newer system will be more energy efficient and thus cost you less over time. It also important to watch for sudden spikes in utility bills during the heating season and other issues, such as cold spots, short cycling, running too long and so on.

New Gas Heating System Replacement

Gas Heater Maintenance

Routine gas heating maintenance is essential to keeping your month-to-month heating costs low and, of course, staving off major repairs and thus gas heating system replacement. Timothy Off also offers maintenance plans that help save while getting the seasonal maintenance you need. Maintenance appointments include a comprehensive multipoint inspection of the heating system, cleaning all equipment and then performing a tune-up that will have your furnace running well throughout winter. Plan members also get a 15% discount on other services and are never charged overtime fees.

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Emergency Gas Heater Repair Services

Gas heater problems can happen at the most inconvenient times, such as the middle of the night during the dead of winter. That is why Timothy Off has heating experts on standby to handle your heater repair emergencies. Our furnace repair technicians are available around the clock. They are also available 365 days a year, which means that if your heating system gives you trouble on a weekend or during a holiday, we will be there to perform the repair and give your home the warmth it needs.

Trust Timothy Off with Your Gas Heating System Replacement & Repair Needs

Timothy Off is proud to be the most trusted heating and cooling company in this region. Our NATE-certified heating technicians perform their work to the highest standards every time. Our technicians are professional, tidy and customer oriented. They will maintain a clean and safe work area at all times and will show you and your home the respect you deserve. Call us at 1-610-701-9020 or contact us online with any questions about our heating services. If you are considering a gas heating system replacement, schedule your on-site consultation today.

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