Electric Baseboard Heater Repair

Baseboard Heater RepairWhether you live in an apartment complex, condo, single-family home, or run a business, baseboard electric heating is a popular choice for many residential and commercial customers. There are two main types of baseboard electric heaters – electric and hydronic. At Tim Off, we provide baseboard heater repair for both types. While electric baseboard heaters use electricity to produce heat, hydronic baseboard heaters rely on hot water for their heat. No matter what type you choose, you’ll gain better control of the amount of heat each room receives. This can translate to energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Electric Baseboard Heater Repair

When it comes to repairing electric heaters, there are typically three places to look to find a problem: the circuit breaker panel, the thermostat, and inside the heater.

If your baseboard heater hasn’t been turning on, you can usually find the problem yourself by opening the panel door. If there’s a tripped breaker, you may be in luck. Reset the breaker and turn the unit on – if the breaker trips immediately, you know you have a problem with your electrical circuit. If it stays on, have someone turn on the thermostat. Does it trip when the thermostat goes on? If so, you likely have a problem with your thermostat. On the other hand, if it stays on through the thermostat, take note to see if it trips once the heater comes on. If so, you have a problem with your heater.

electric-water-heater-repairHydronic Heating Repair

Because hydronic heaters use hot water to heat the air, their issues can arise from different components than an electric heater. If there’s trapped air or there is restricted airflow to the unit, it could cause it to produce less heat than usual.

You can easily check these things yourself by taking off the metal cover, opening the damper, and removing the panel. If you find a buildup of dirt or dust, clean it out with a vacuum to restore the airflow. If you believe there’s trapped air in your unit, you can turn off the system, close the valves, and drain all of the water out of it with a garden hose. After that, open each valve and look for air bubbles coming out. Repeat until you’ve covered all valves, then return them to their original positions and restart your boiler.

Because these hydronic heaters rely on a boiler, your problem may actually be with the boiler and not the baseboard unit. At Timothy Off, we offer both electric and hydronic baseboard heater repair that’s timely and professional. If you’re having trouble with your unit, call us today so that we can diagnose your problem and get your home or business back to being nice and warm.

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