Hybrid Heating

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Hybrid Heating and Cooling SystemsThese days, many homeowners and businesses want to be more environmentally friendly, which is why they invest in a hybrid heating and cooling unit from Timothy Off. These systems combine a gas furnace and an electric heat pump to give you the most energy efficient production of heat and air conditioning. And if you already own a hybrid heating unit, our residential and commercial heating repair experts can service it for you.

Hybrid Heating and Cooling Installations

Whether you’re moving into a just-built home or building and need a new HVAC unit or you’re looking to replace your old one with a more efficient model, our hybrid heating installations are here to help. We’ll make sure you choose the right installation for your heating needs, air conditioning needs, space, and budget as well as meet the energy needs you desire.

Hybrid Heating and Cooling Repairs

If you’ve already discovered the benefits of a hybrid heating unit but have noticed something is wrong, our repair team can get the job done. We can assess units that are making strange sounds, don’t blow the right temperature air, have trouble turning off or on, and more. Once we know the issue, we can have it fixed fast so you can enjoy your heat or air conditioning.

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Our authorized specialists will perform important maintenance services on your equipment twice during the year: once to help prepare for the heating season, and once to help prepare for the cooling season.

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