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Please note that Timothy Off does not sell heating oil. Today, there are a variety of ways to heat your home or business, but one of the safest and most efficient ways is with oil. At Timothy Off, we offer residential and commercial oil heater repair and installations made to fit your property and keep it warm all winter long. We also offer oil heating service and repairs in case your heater is in need of attention or a fix. (Please note: we do not provide oil or fill-up services.)

Oil Heater Repair

Efficiency & Convenience

Modern oil heaters are very efficient, with most performing at 85%-95% efficiency. And because oil burns much cleaner than it did several decades ago, it creates fewer emissions and is even available in more environmentally friendly options like low-sulfur and renewable biofuels.

When you choose an oil heater, you’ll realize it’s one of the more convenient heating options. This is because you’ll only need to pay for your oil once instead of paying for it throughout the season. At the beginning of the winter season, oil users schedule an appointment with a local oil company to fill up their reservoir. After that, your system will slowly use the oil during the next few months to provide warmth to your home or building without the need to continue refilling it.

Oil Heater Repair Services

Oil HeatingAt Timothy Off, we have more than 100 combined years of HVAC and plumbing experience and have been offering installations, services, and repairs to homeowners and businesses for years. If you’re interested in a new oil heating installation or in replacing your current heater, let our experts help you choose the right one. Oil heaters are known to last much longer than other traditional furnaces, so an oil heating installation is an investment that will last.

For the best in service and repairs, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our service team or repair team. We can inspect your heater and make
sure everything is running smoothly. If it’s not, we’ll locate the problem and get it fixed as quickly as possible.

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Our authorized specialists will perform important maintenance services on your equipment twice during the year: once to help prepare for the heating season, and once to help prepare for the cooling season.

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