Main Water Line Repair & Replacement

Main Water Line Repair & Replacement

Among the many problems you can face as the owner of a home or commercial property, a water line break is one of the most devastating. Not only can a broken water line cause flooding on your property, but it can also cause severe damage to your foundation and ruin your belongings. Unless your property relies on a water well or storage tank, it is supplied by the public water system. If you own a property in West Chester, PA or the surrounding areas throughout Chester, Delaware, or Montgomery counties, choose the plumbing experts at Timothy Off for your water line repair or replacement services.

Residential & Commercial Water Main Excavation

Your water main provides all the fresh water to your property. If there is a leak, blockage, or another issue you can be left in a tough situation. Not only will you not have clean water to consume, but you also risk property and structural damage because your water supply will not stop trying to fill the pipes until it is turned off and the problem is fixed. We offer professional excavation as part of our commercial and residential water line repair and replacement services. Our team will arrive at your home or business at your scheduled time to assess the situation and fix it so that you withstand the least amount of water damage possible. Any time you need to dig on your property, you must be aware of the presence of any buried lines such as power, water, and gas so it’s a job best left up to the professionals.

Emergency Water Line Repair

Any time water is flowing uncontrolled in, under, or around your property, there is a cause for concern. Even a small leak can become a major problem. A water main break can prove to be very costly if not repaired immediately. Timothy Off has plumbers standing by 24/7 to handle any emergency water line repairs you may need. We’ll locate your issue and at a minimum stop the water from pouring out of the affected area. If a large-scale effort is needed to fix the issue, our excavation team will take over and restore your water service.

Water Line Repair

How to Determine You Have a Water Line Leak

Each line comes with the main shut-off valve and a water meter; if you suspect you have a water line leak, check your water meter to see if the leak indicator is moving. You can also take a meter reading, wait 1-2 hours, then take another meter reading. If your reading is different, it could indicate a leak somewhere in your water lines.

You can also take note of the land outside of your property. If the ground and/or pavement is damp or unstable, or if you’ve noticed pools of water around your lawn, this also could indicate a leak. In addition, if you’ve noticed your water bill has been higher than normal lately, you may have an issue as well. The expert plumbers at Timothy Off can pinpoint the location of your water line leak and make sure no further issues occur.

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Sewer Line Issues

Some of the symptoms you see in your water main can also be found with your sewer main. Your underground sewer lines carry waste away from your property. When there is an issue, there is a serious concern due to bacteria and other contaminants in your wastewater. Thankfully, we are able to deploy the same techniques to locate and repair or replace your sewer line. If your drains take a while to clear, you notice an odor, or there is wastewater backup in any of your appliances, contact Timothy Off.

Water Line Repair Services

Contact the Expert Plumbers at Timothy Off

Don’t trust just anyone for commercial or residential water line repair or replacement services. Because your water line runs underground, a professional plumber like the experts at Timothy Off should be called. Once the main breaks, it’s important to act quickly and we have the tools and expertise to fix the problem right away. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to fix your water line issues.

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