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Indoor Air Quality Unit with filter and humidifierBecause people spend most of their time indoors, air quality is important. Dirty filters and bad air circulation in your home or building can lead to an abundance of dust mites, allergens, and other airborne particles that can be harmful to your health. Ask about our indoor air quality services.

How We Can Help Your Indoor Air Quality

Timothy Off is here to help with all of your residential and commercial indoor air quality needs. Our team can install, service, and repair all manner of IAQ equipment, including air purifiers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, smart thermostats, and more. We can also assess your indoor air quality, provide you with our professional recommendations, and answer any questions that you may have.

The Benefits of Good Indoor Air Quality

The EPA warns that indoor air pollution is among the greatest health risks facing Americans, and the most notable benefit of good indoor air quality is that you’ll breathe easier. You’ll sleep better and be less prone to illnesses, headaches, and fatigue, and those who suffer from allergies or asthma will have fewer and less severe symptoms. Good air quality also makes your home or workplace smell better, and you can even lower your utility bills by having an HVAC system that is cleaner and more efficient.

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Signs You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality

Unexplained headaches, respiratory inflammation, poor skin health, and sleep troubles are all indications that you may be dealing with poor indoor air quality. Dust is also an indication. While dust is to be expected in every home and workplace, dust accumulation that you find difficult to keep up with is not normal and usually suggests a problem. Excess humidity in summer and particularly dry air in winter are signs of a problem, as well as unpleasant odors and any indications of mildew and mold.

Variety of Indoor Air Quality SolutionsWe Offer a Variety of IAQ Solutions

Timothy Off offers many different solutions that we can integrate into your existing HVAC system in order to achieve and maintain optimal indoor air quality. These solutions include air purifiers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and more.

• Air Filters

Your HVAC system has one or more return vents with an air filter that blocks most particulate matter. These filters are there to protect your equipment and not for the purposes of indoor air quality. Select filters based on the MERV rating required by your system, and be sure to replace filters on a regular basis as a dirty filter increases static pressure in the system and therefore reduces energy efficiency.

• Air Scrubbers

An air scrubber is similar to an air purifier in that it removes airborne particulates along with bacteria, viruses, and gases. What distinguishes an air scrubber is that it’s also able to eliminate surface contaminants. It does this by supercharging particles and releasing them back into your air where they bind with and neutralize contaminants on your surfaces as well as in the air.

• Humidifiers

A humidifier adds moisture to your air in order to achieve your optimal relative humidity. The air is drier in winter, and this dryness is exacerbated through the process of heating a home or building. Achieving your ideal RH eliminates the buildup of static electricity. It also makes people more comfortable and at a lower temperature, which means that you’re able to save by not running the heat as high.

• Air Purifiers

Air purifier is a broad term that refers to a wide range of devices that clean indoor air. The term air filter is usually reserved for devices that provide only mechanical filtration, such as via a HEPA filter. An air purifier typically has a HEPA filter but also provides additional means of filtration, such as activated carbon, ultraviolet light, photocatalytic oxidation, and so forth.

• Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier helps you achieve optimal RH when the weather is warmer and there’s more moisture in the air. While your air conditioner does remove some moisture, it’s not a dehumidifier. Having a dedicated whole home dehumidifier makes the home or workplace more comfortable and at a higher temperature. You’ll spend less on cooling and also reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Our Maintenance Program

Timothy Off recommends seasonal maintenance for your HVAC equipment. A good time to schedule is in spring prior to needing your air conditioner and in fall prior to needing your heater. The maintenance plans we offer include an inspection, a thorough cleaning, correction of any wear and tear, and calibration, and those measures not only help you maintain good indoor air quality but extend the life of your equipment and ensure efficient operation, which reduces your month-to-month costs. We encourage home and business owners to take advantage of our Energy Savings Program. It includes a seasonal tune-up, helps you save money, and includes additional perks, such as prioritized service scheduling, waived overtime charges, and a 15% discount on any needed repairs.

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Residential and Commercial IAQ Services

Timothy Off provides indoor air quality services for both residential and commercial customers. Each home is unique, and we help homeowners achieve multipronged IAQ solutions that achieve and maintain optimal indoor air quality. Our commercial customers often have unique air quality needs as well, and we have extensive experience developing customized solutions based on the particular requirements of an industry and/or location.

Trust Timothy Off for All of Your IAQ Needs

Timothy Off is an established and trusted company that delivers affordable indoor air quality solutions. Call us today at 1-610-701-9020 or contact us online to schedule an on-site consultation or with any questions about the IAQ services and products we offer.

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