Air Filter Replacement Services

Choosing the right type of air filter replacement can not only improve the efficiency of your unit, but it can also improve the cleanliness of your air and save you money on your gas or electric bill. Before you choose your best air filter, consider the type of heating system that you have, your budget, and the MERV rating of each filter (this will tell you how well the filter traps airborne particles).

Air Filter Replacement

What Does an Air Filter Do?

An air filter is a simple yet important aspect of your central air conditioning and heating system. The traditional central HVAC system has a return air vent, which returns the air from the home to the system. It is this vent where the air filter is installed, and at the most basic level, it is there to prevent airborne particulate matter from getting into your HVAC system and ductwork. While this does help to improve indoor air quality to a degree, the main purpose here is to avoid damage to the HVAC system. HVAC systems are designed to operate at a particular static pressure, and manufacturers recommend the MERV rating that you should use for their particular systems. Many systems are not designed to handle HEPA filters and other high-MERV filters, so using them can actually lead to increased wear and tear.

How Often Should You Replace an Air Filter?

The general recommendation from HVAC and air filter manufacturers is that you should replace air filters every 90 days. But this is just a guideline, and optimal air filter replacement frequency will depend on your unique home. Pet owners, for instance, often must change their filters every 60 days or even more frequently, and people who are hardly ever home may only need to change their air filters every six months. What we recommend is performing a visual inspection of your air filter once a month. If you can see the dirt, that means the filter is saturated and needs to be replaced.

Types of Air Filter Replacements

Fiberglass Air Filter

These filters are the most basic type of heater filter available. They’re made from spun fiberglass and work well for trapping large airborne particles like dust, lint, and debris. However, they don’t work so well for trapping small particles like allergens or pet dander.

Electrostatic Heating Air Filter

As the name suggests, these heater filters are made from cotton or paper that has been electrostatically charged. This charge works to attract airborne particles of all sizes, which makes these filters good for homes with pets or smokers.

Pleated Cotton, Paper or Polyester Air Filter

Pleated filters are made from either cotton paper or polyester and are a popular choice among homeowners and businesses. The material is efficient for removing small particles like mites and spores, but the filters need to be changed often to avoid clogging your heating system.

Washable, Permanent Air Filter

Otherwise known as “permanent” air filters, washable filters don’t have to be replaced on a regular basis. Instead, they can be gently washed to remove their trapped parties and returned to your heater.

Air Filter Replacement CTA

Benefits of Air Filter Replacement

A dirty air filter restricts airflow, and that creates a number of problems, including increased static pressure, additional wear and tear, and, potentially, uneven heating or cooling. The most important benefit of regular air filter replacement is that it increases the energy efficiency of your system and thus makes it more affordable to run. Regular replacement keeps your system clean, reduces the likelihood of needing repairs, and extends the life of the equipment. It will provide you with a more consistent temperature throughout your home, and it will help to a degree with indoor air quality.

Signs You Need to Change Your Air FilterDirty Air Filter

The most obvious sign that you need air filter replacement is when you can see the dirt. That means that the air filter is overfull. If your home is getting dustier faster than usual, that can be a sign as well. Pay attention to your allergy symptoms, and if you notice them worsening, you may want to check the filter. Strange odors, including a burning smell, can indicate that the filter is clogged, and the system is being overworked. If you ever notice hot spots or cold spots in your home, then the filter is the first thing you should check.

Professional Air Filter Replacement Services

At Timothy Off, we recommend an air filter replacement every 3-6 months, depending on how large your home or business is and if you own pets or live with people who smoke. While changing your filter is pretty easy in most systems, some homeowners don’t feel comfortable doing it themselves, and that’s why we’re here. Our team can help you determine the best air filter for your system and ensure that it is replaced on a schedule suitable for your home or commercial location. If you’d like a professional to perform your commercial and residential air filter replacement, just give us a call at 1-610-701-9020 or contact us today.

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