Whole House Humidifier Installation and Repair

Is a Humidifier a Smart Investment?

Achieving the optimal relative humidity throughout the year is a worthwhile endeavor that will make you more comfortable, help you to breathe easier, and even save you money over the long term. Although a humidifier can be helpful at various times throughout the year, the benefits are most often associated with winter. The cold brings with it drier air and making your indoor air even drier is often a byproduct of heating your home or business. High humidity results in people being more comfortable at lower temperatures, and thus you lower your costs, and your heater does not have to work as hard. There are health benefits as well. It benefits your skin and respiratory system, and studies show that optimal moisture levels correlate with lower levels of dust and other airborne contaminants.

Whole House Humidifier

If you are interested in whole house humidifier installation, Timothy Off can help you choose the ideal equipment for your home and install it with precision. If you already have a humidifier and are experiencing problems, our repair technicians can diagnose and correct them fast! Just give us a call at 1-610-701-9020 to get started.

How Your Humidifier Works

Many homeowners in Pennsylvania are enhancing their HVAC systems through whole house humidifier installation. If your relative humidity drops below a set level, your humidifier will add moisture to the air before it is returned to the living spaces throughout your home. Humidifiers are available in various sizes and power levels to accommodate different home designs. These units also vary in terms of how the moisture is generated and at which point in the system it is introduced to the air. Differences aside, all humidifiers introduce moisture to the air at some point before it reaches the living spaces. This does mean that your humidifier will need access to a water tank or other type of water supply.

Types of Humidifiers We Service

If you are interested in whole house humidifier installation, Timothy Off can help you choose the optimal technology for your home. There are three core types of humidifiers that we install, service, and repair: bypass humidifiers, power humidifiers, and steam humidifiers.

Bypass Humidifier

Bypass humidifiers rely on the forced air of a furnace to evaporate moisture into the air. This humidifier style is situated on the return side of the heater, which allows evaporation to occur before the warmed air is pushed into the ductwork and out into the living spaces.

Power Humidifier

Power humidifiers are quite similar to bypass humidifiers with one notable difference. They have their own fan, which allows them to achieve evaporation of moisture without having to rely on the blower. The blower is still needed to get the air to the living spaces.

Steam Humidifier

Steam humidifiers are different in that they heat water to the point of condensation. They do not, therefore, have to rely on air movement or heat from the system to achieve the desired effect. These units require an additional electrical component to heat the water.

Air Quality Unit with HEPA and humidifierHumidifier Installation for Your Home

If you can’t stand the typical discomforts that come along with the colder, drier months, a whole-house humidifier may be a fantastic investment for you. Since humidity can act as a moisturizer, humidifiers are great for relieving instances of chapped lips, nose irritation, dry skin, sore throat, etc. A whole-house humidifier can ease problems caused by dry air and bring about many health benefits. A Humidifier can be installed at any time of the year and can be adjusted on the fly to be set at any humidity level preferred. As for energy, the electrical burden of a whole house humidifier is very little and should not make a large dent in your electricity bill.

The Most Common Humidifier Repairs

Another reason whole house humidifier installation is a good investment is that these systems require little maintenance. They are much simpler in design than a furnace or air conditioner. Breakdowns are often the result of a full reservoir, defective thermostat, or damaged power cord.

Sometimes, a humidifier will continue to run but not add moisture. If the humidifier is newly installed, this may be an indication it is wrongly sized for the home. Otherwise, this behavior often indicates a mechanical problem, such as a fan motor bearing that lacks lubrication or has become damaged.

We Provide Humidifier Installation and Repair Services

An instance may arise where your humidifier is having a problem that isn’t within your owner’s manual. If your humidifier isn’t working properly, make sure to give our commercial and residential humidifier repair experts a call and we’ll come to look. We can also provide you with a quote on the installation of a new humidifier. Contact us to get started with your humidifier installation, repair, or maintenance.

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