Natural Gas Conversion

Save with Natural Gas Conversion

Natural Gas Conversion

Expires 01/31/2023

More Efficient Heating

When you decide to make the switch to natural gas for your home, you unlock the potential to save money on your energy bills. Whether you use oil, propane, or electricity as your heating source, the HVAC and plumbing experts at Timothy Off can help convert your property to utilize natural gas. Our natural gas conversion services are already affordable and PECO customers can earn additional savings via rebates and credits. Qualifying homes could save up to $550 as these rebates extend to the conversion of your home as well as the installation of new ENERGY STAR appliances. These incentives change regularly so be sure to check on the latest PECO Rebates.

Why Convert Your Home to Natural Gas?

Simply put, natural gas is a more convenient, clean, and affordable way to provide heat for your home. It can offer you a more efficient HVAC system, more consistent hot water, faster clothes drying, and more. Natural gas can be used for a variety of outdoor applications as well such as fireplaces, grills, fire pits, outdoor heaters, saunas, and heated pools.

Convert Your Home to Natural Gas

Switch from Oil to Gas

If you use oil to heat your home, you could save up to 50% by switching to natural gas. Many older homes didn’t have the option of natural gas when the home was built. Once your home is connected to the natural gas service line, the experts at Timothy Off can decommission your oil tank and install a new gas-powered furnace. No more waiting on fuel deliveries!

Switch from Propane to Gas

Homes that originally may not have had access to natural gas may have opted to install a large propane tank. Propane and natural gas have similar properties making it fairly easy to make the conversion. The best part about natural gas is that it can save you around 60% on your energy bill compared to propane. You also won’t have to rely on a service to refill your tank.

Switch from Electric to Gas

Your home may not have had the option for anything other than electrical service when it was built. If natural gas is available, you can save electricity and more efficiently heat your home. A natural gas connection allows for hybrid heating solutions that can save you money throughout the year, especially during the cold winter.

Choose Timothy Off for Your Natural Gas Conversion

Are you ready to start saving on your energy bill? To make the switch from oil, propane, or electric heating, contact Timothy Off today. Our friendly team will discuss the process and any accompanying equipment options so that you can take advantage of this cleaner, more cost-effective way to provide heat for your home.

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