Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Water Heater Replacement

If you need a new water heater because your current unit has failed or has simply become inefficient with age, Timothy Off is here to help. We’re an established and trusted water heater replacement company that provides our services to homeowners and businesses throughout West Chester, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. Reliable hot water is integral to your quality of life, and our team takes a great deal of pride in helping our clients choose the optimal water heater for their particular purposes.

Our company sells the best brands and models available, and our installation process exceeds manufacturer warranty requirements. We carry out new installations and replacements. Our technicians install both electric and natural gas units and can convert you from one to the other. We also have technicians that specialize in heat pump water heaters, and if you’re interested in a tankless system, we can help you choose a unit that will serve you well over the next 20 years and beyond.

Enhance Your Indoor Comfort

We recommend to our customers not to wait until your current water heater fails to replace it. With a traditional tank water heater, the 10-year mark is when you want to begin considering water heater replacement. These technologies have improved greatly over the last decade, so you’ll benefit just from having a modern system in your home or business. Your new water heater will provide a more accurate and consistent temperature, as well as better water quality. It will also be able to replenish its hot water supply more quickly. Investing in a new water heater is also an opportunity to reassess your usage. Chances are that your household or workplace has changed over the last decade, and you may need more or less hot water than you did when you purchased the previous unit.

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Signs You Need a New Water Heater

If your water heater has failed and is too old or expensive to fix, then you need a new water heater, but there are often indications prior to that point. If your tank-based unit is 12 years old or older, its likely inefficient operation is costing you money, and you’re just rolling the dice on when a leak occurs. A water heater that does not recover hot water in a reasonable amount of time or provides an inconsistent water temperature may need to be replaced. Discoloration of the hot water supply indicates corrosion in the tank. Strange noises generally point to sediment buildup. Any leaks, including minor dripping, must be dealt with right away, and if you experience any of these issues, call us. We’ll perform a thorough inspection, provide you with an honest and professional assessment, and explore your options with you.

Benefits of a New Water Heater Replacement

Modern water heaters are more efficient and thus cost less to run, and your old unit is likely inefficient. That can make a significant difference. Consider that the EPA estimates that the average household can save more than $300 a year by upgrading to a newer and more modern water heater. A new system will recover hot water faster, and you can ensure that your supply is optimal for your household or business. You can also save space if you opt for an on-demand system as opposed to a tank water heater.

Residential and Commercial Water Heater ServicesResidential and Commercial Water Heater Services

Timothy Off performs both residential and commercial water heater replacement, but we also provide a wide range of other water heater-related services for area homeowners and businesses. That includes new installations and conversions from electric to natural gas and vice versa. We perform water heater inspections, maintenance, and repairs. You can also count on us for on-site consultations. Perhaps you’re considering water heater replacement or trying to identify the cause of water heater inefficiency, and we’re happy to help and provide professional guidance.

Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

Water heater troubles don’t necessarily mean that water heater replacement is your only option. As a general rule, if your unit is six years old or younger and a water heater repair will cost less than half of what a new unit would cost, then it’s probably a good idea to fix rather than replace it. We can perform a complete diagnostic and then discuss with you whether a repair is a viable option. If it is, we’ll carry out the repair and restore your unit as close to new condition as possible. Our team is also available around the clock, including on weekends and during holidays, for emergency water heater repair services. Timothy Off also recommends annual water heater maintenance, which includes an inspection, cleaning the unit, calibrating it, and correcting any wear and tear. Routine maintenance goes a long way toward maintaining your water heater’s efficiency, keeping your costs low, and even extending the life of your equipment.

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Our plumbers are certified, skilled, and highly experienced, and you can trust their professional advice and expert craftsmanship. Call us today at 1-610-701-9020 or contact us online to schedule a water heater replacement or with any questions about the many products and services we offer.

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